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Zhangjiagang Tongda Machinery Manufacturing Co.,
Add: Zhaxi Development Zone, Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China 215621
Phone: 0086-512-58609058
Fax: 0086-512-58609839
Email: tongdajixie@126.com


Zhangjiagang Tongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is majoring in various centrifuges for application in Chemical industry. pharmaceutics. food. metallurgy and other industries.

Our company has strong technical competence,complete processing equipments, advanced detection means. The products has 10 major series. more than 50 kinds of specifications. three- foot centrifuge complete varieties. We strictly execute GB/T13756 (three-foot centrifuge - types and basic parameters) GB/T13755 (three-column centrifuge technical conditions) standard production and GMP standard.

The company adhere to the principle of quality first. the whole process of product quality and production, phased implementation of quality control and the entire process of tracking. and has passed China Certification Center certification of Security safety of machinery, also supporting the production of: environmental protection equipment. industrial vacuum cleaners, vibration sieve, conical mixer and double cone vacuum rotary dryer.

Our products are mainly used in chemical. pharmacy, food, metallurgy, mineral and other industries. Some products have been exported to overseas market.

Located on the south bank of Yangtze River. close to Shanghai. Suzhou and Nanjing. you can visit our factory conveniently. We strive to offer high quality products and excellent services, create a better future!




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